'Suspect vowed to expose real killers'

Dudu Busani

Dudu Busani

On the day he was arrested, Ntambudzeni Matsenene allegedly told his cell mate that he would reveal who killed Avhatakali Netshisaulu.

The man who was the first suspect in Netshisaulu's murder, Khabhudele Munzhelele, told the Johannesburg high court that he spent five days in the police's Muldersdrift holding cells.

On the third day he was joined in the cell by a man he did not know.

"We introduced ourselves and we discovered that we had been jailed for the same crime. I remember him saying that he did not kill Avhatakali, that he was not a murderer and that he would expose the killers," Munzhelele said.

He said he was released from the holding cells two days later and that he never saw Matsenene again.

Munzhelele, a security guard living in Zandspruit, Honeydew, said he was arrested in the area the morning after Netshisaulu died.

"I was with my wife and child going to catch a bus to Venda at about 5am when I picked up a wallet. There was a piece of paper with David Sivhidzho's phone number," he said.

"I phoned Sivhidzho, who said he knew the wallet's owner and would meet me. He came with the police.

"I only found out then that the wallet's owner had been killed.

"The police questioned me. It turned out that I was now a suspect. We even had to drive to Venda to fetch my wife because they implied that we had both killed that man, and said that was why my wife had to leave for Venda that morning, because she was running away," he said.