Ramatsiyi Moholoa

Ramatsiyi Moholoa

Safa Soweto has launched a full-scale investigation into allegations of racism at their Under-19 game in Emmarentia on Sunday.

Youngsters from the Africa Sports Youth Development Academy were allegedly called "monkeys" and "kaffirs" during their game against Wits University.

Premiership side BidVest Wits are also involved in this Safa affiliated junior side of which Robin de Lange is chairman.

Stan Whiting, chief executive of the Premiership outfit, said they assisted the amateur side financially.

Africa Sports Youth Development is a successful academy owned by former Bafana winger Harold "Jazzy Queen" Legodi.

Phil "Chippa" Mogodi, Safa Soweto chief executive, said: "We have received a report from Africa Sports and have asked for one from Wits.

"The referee of the game (Mike Ndlovu) will also submit his report, which will form part of our investigation.

"I can't believe we still have people who call others monkeys and kaffirs. There is no room for such people in our sport.

"Racism will not be tolerated in any of our activities."

Legodi said: "It's a racial thing. The incident reminded me of the dark days of apartheid, but it was bad to see white youngsters also involved.

"We really have to expose all the people involved. I had to intervene when a Wits goalkeeper called one of my boys a monkey."

De Lange, who will be writing a report to the Safa Soweto region, said: "I know the word monkey was used but not kaffirs."

Whiting said: "I know Wits are dealing with the matter. The incident should not happen again."

Ndlovu said: "The whole drama started in the 43rd minute when I cautioned a Wits defender who wanted to elbow an Africa player.

"I overheard a Wits defender calling a boy from Africa a monkey. I warned him not to bring racist mentality here.

"A Wits coach threw tantrums every time a decision was not in their favour. I spoke to him but he would not budge. So I dismissed him from the bench.

"Later on I blew for an off-side but it seems the boys from Africa did not hear the whistle. The Wits goalie then called the Africa striker a monkey.

"Africa's bench overhead him and Jazzy warned the goalie not to call his players monkeys. The boy's father shouted at Jazzy not to talk to his son.

"A fight ensued between Jazzy and the dad and was stopped only after Floyd Mogale (Wits director of coaching) intervened."

Mogale said: "As a director of coaching I had to stop the racial thing. I could not accept it when they started assaulting Jazzy.

"Our own people at Wits were using the k word. They use words like baboons and monkeys when they refer to blacks."