BCPP to contest 2009 polls

Eric Naki

The newly formed Black Consciousness Political Party will contest next year's election to "provide an alternative that black people so desperately need".

BCPP president Nchaupe Mokoape said for the past 14 years there had been no strong voice of the BC movement and for the aspirations of blacks.

"Our people need to be delivered from diseases, joblessness, hunger and poverty - and we think we are that voice. While the ANC has made some strides, there is a need for the black voice to be expanded. We believe that a lot of our people will rally behind our cause," he said.

Mokoape, who is Azapo's former deputy president, is a founder-member of the black consciousness movement and the Black People's Convention.

"The fact that people everywhere are not happy with the ANC is a clear indication that our people are not properly represented and their voices are not heard. We will mobilise in this short period of time before the election and work doubly hard."