MAN WITH A MISSION: Bishop Thomas Jakes is coming to South Africa. Pic. Unknown
MAN WITH A MISSION: Bishop Thomas Jakes is coming to South Africa. Pic. Unknown

Katlego Moeng

Katlego Moeng

World-renowned preacher and motivational speaker Bishop Thomas Jakes will come to South Africa with his message of using faith to deal with life's challenges when he brings MegaFest to Johannesburg in October.

"I will give religious guidance based on biblical teachings," Jakes says, stressing that his is a rounded, multidimensional and common sense approach.

Jakes says he is aware of, and can identify with, the social and economic problems South Africa is facing.

He says he is not surprised by this "given the history of the country and prevailing extreme (wealth) inequalities".

"Education is a great catalyst for change [and] we must work on the children - get them early and show them that there is hope," Jakes says.

Jakes emphasises that "to have a healthy society, all stakeholders must get involved - parents, teachers, churches, business and government".

"We must teach respect for life and practical life skills to tackle life, biblically and practically. You have to be versatile in today's world.

"I will be releasing a movie in February titled Not Easily Broken," says the charismatic preacher, explaining that the theme is drawn from the scriptures.

"It is about a couple struggling in their marriage and with friendships and life's challenges - but ultimately they weather the storm.

"People are now thinking globally and one has to use technology such as television and the Internet to spread the word of God as widely as possible.

"The church can no longer be one dimensional.

"We will also have a 'Business Mixer' through which businesspeople will network and hopefully bring value to communities in need of their expertise."

Jakes says Patrice Motsepe will promote the business gathering and address delegates.

This is the first time MegaFest International will be hosted outside the United States.

It will take place from October 11 to 12 at the Nasrec Expo Centre, south of Johannesburg.

"MegaCare, the medical arm of Potter's House [TD Jakes Ministries], will do an outreach programme for HIV testing and establish support systems," Jakes says.

He has written best-selling books, award-winning music, critically acclaimed plays and was named America's Best Preacher by Time magazine.

MegaFest will include performances by Grammy award-winning CeCe Winans, Israel Houghton, Fred Hammond and South Africa's Joyous Celebration.