Bright student protected PAC leaders

Dan Mofokeng

Kopi Moloto, a cadre of the Pan Africanist Congress of Azania, died on September 6 at the Garankuwa Hospital.

Three years ago he suffered a stroke and since then he had been battling poor health.

Born on December 18 1956 in Moletji, Pietersburg, Moloto started school in 1965 at the Atamelang Community School in Naledi, Soweto. He also attended Mmila Higher Primary in Tladi before enrolling at Mohato Higher Primary School.

In 1973 he started high school at the legendary Naledi as one of the bright stars of his time. He was there until the student uprising in which he was deeply involved.

As a known student activist he was harassed by the special branch like many of his peers. He was recruited by the PAC underground activist Naboath Ntshuntsha at Emdeni in Soweto. He went into exile via Swaziland and Mozambique to Tanzania in December 1976 with the group that included Ranko Willie Legodi and General Dan Mohato Mofokeng.

Moloto received his first military training in Tanzania in 1977 and then moved to Cambodia later that year. He was trained by the supporting government of the Khmer Rouge under Pol Pot until that country was invaded by Vietnam in 1978.

As platoon under training by Sgubu Abel Dube the group survived and escaped to Thailand in 1980, where the UN arranged for them to go back to Tanzania.

He was engaged in operations against the apartheid regime before being sent for further training in Guinea Conakry in 1982.

Moloto held various responsible posts, including platoon commander and commissar, and in camp administration.

He was among the cadres assigned to establish professional VIP protection services for the PAC and world standard civilian and military intelligence for the liberation movement.

As head of this service Moloto protected the great leaders of the PAC such as Johnson Mlambo, Joe Mkhwanazi and John Nyathi Pokela.

As leader he helped train many cadres in security and intelligence, some of whom are still serving the country.

A qualified electrical engineer, Moloto returned home in 1994 and joined Eskom in Vereeniging, where he worked until he was medically boarded a few years ago.

Moloto will be buried tomorrow in Vereeniging.