Where the latest trends are hanging off the peg

What is the most interesting aspect of your job?

Being able to view future ranges before the market sees them and building ranges from scratch.

How did you get into this field?

I got into the field through a friend's mother who used to be a teacher at Wits.

Stuttafords often has ranges from well-known international labels. Which is your favourite label and why?

Tommy Hilfiger Denim. It complements my personality. It is fashion forward and directional. I am very excited to report that Stuttafords will be launching its range in February.

Which season is your favourite season to buy for?

Winter is my favourite season, because the ranges for me are broader and have a greater assortment.

How influenced are you by international trends? How up to date is the South African consumer?

International trends do influence us in our buying patterns. Unfortunately the general local consumer is slightly behind but one only needs to sit in a café in Parkhurst and it becomes evident that there are a lot of fashionable South Africans.

I wish that people would break out of the checked shirt and chino mould and take the gap (pun is intended) and live a little on the Tommy side of life.

What label has been the most popular ever in terms of sales?

Guess. As they offer a broad denim assortment which is very functional and fitting for the Stuttafords consumer. Levi is your contemporary brand that has some fashion elements for the younger consumer. Pepe is one of our newest acquisitions.

Does your own taste come into play when you are buying for Stuttafords?

Personal taste does definitely play a role in the buying process.

Do you ever have to travel as part of your job as a buyer?

Yes. I buy the Tommy Hilfiger range in Amsterdam.

I travel to the Gap headquarters in New York three times a year.

What is the most exciting place you have been on a working trip?

Tokyo, Japan.

I spent four days shopping and sightseeing - it was a life-changing experience.

What happens to the items that have not been sold, even after the sales?

As part of Stuttafords' corporate social responsibility all our products that are not sold after mark down and a certain period of time are marked down to zero and are given to various charities.

Tell us you favourite fashionable moment.

I was able to attend the G-STAR fashion show in Barcelona at a Bread and Butter fair.

Are there any magazines or websites that you refer to?

Yes - but they are trade secrets.

What is the best thing about working as a buyer for Stuttafords?

Stuttafords is currently experiencing a metamorphosis. The new chief executive, Marcio Cicoria, prides himself on avant-garde thinking and it is fabulous being part of this change.