Populists want power but will not deliver

Populists are purging capable leaders but are they aware of the consequences?

I suppose that is not important to the populists because getting positions is what appeals to them.

Populists are attention seekers and have no substance - no offence intended. But populists will not deliver.

Are we heading for another five years of non-delivery? Sadly, in our case populists didn't rise accidentally but were created. Thanks to President Thabo Mbeki.

The populists in our country are a minority but seem to be in control. Why do we allow them in the driving seat?

Our country's fate seems to lie with Zwelinzima Vavi, Blade Nzimande and Julius Malema. Why do we allow them to take control and threaten us when they don't get what they want?

I miss the leadership of the legendary Nelson Mandela, who had the courage to speak out against populist tendencies and ill-discipline in his party. He was not afraid to rebuke the young lions or alliance partners when they erred.

Today, unfortunately, to secure positions leaders are afraid to speak out. They have abdicated responsibility and allowed the young lions to take over - but the youth are not ready for leadership.

They call senior leaders names and get away with it. The mother body seems to take instructions from the young lions. How can parents take orders from children?

Thabile Mange, Johannesburg