okeke comes under fire

Cecil Motsepe

Cecil Motsepe

Deborah Fraser's estranged husband, Pastor Sockey Okeke of Nigeria, has come under heavy criticism after he inferred that local men were killing their women.

On Wednesday, Sowetan reported that his marriage to the popular gospel singer has crumbled, with the diva citing jealousy and emotional and physical abuse as some of the reasons for the break-up.

Okeke responded by saying Fraser did horrible things to him.

He said: "If what happened to me happened to a South African man I am sure he would have killed her and her family."

The comment irked locals, with some sending angry letters. African Musicians Against HIV and Aids (Amaha) also joined the fray and reacted with rage.

"He is sending an irresponsible message by insinuating that local men are killers," said Amaha chairman Doc Shebeleza. "It is an insult, especially coming from someone who calls himself a pastor."

Shebeleza, whose organisation represents hundreds of musicians, said: "Is he trying to say he is holier than the rest of us? As a pastor one would have expected him to be sensitive and not tarnish our image like that."

Ananias Mashamaite wrote: "The fool (Okeke) is accused of abusing our lady but he has the nerve to tell us that had he been a South African he would have killed the lady and her family."

Another reader, Babalwa Sunduza, wrote: "Is Okeke implying that our brothers here are murderers who kill their wives?

"That is a stupid and irresponsible statement coming from a pastor. He is undermining and insulting our brothers, husbands and boyfriends."