Senior Azapo member receives death threats

Frank Maponya

Frank Maponya

A senior member of the Azanian People's Organisation is living in fear after he received threatening messages from unknown people on his cellphone.

Pule Monama, a Limpopo businessman and a founder member of the organisation, said he had reported the matter to the police.

Monama, 51, became unpopular with the organisation's rank and file after he wrote an open letter to Azapo president Mosibudi Mangena, accusing him of speaking without the organisation's mandate when he called for the need to respect the judiciary.

He was referring to the case where a black judge found a white man, Mark Scott-Crossley, guilty of murder for putting a black labourer into a lions' enclosure and sentenced him to life.

But, the judgment was overturned on appeal by a majority of white judges.

Following publication of the letter in Sowetan last Friday, Monama allegedly received calls from several people, most of whom were not known to him. He showed Sowetan an SMS on his phone which read: "Your nonsense and personal attacks to Azapo, comrade Mangena and his leadership is found in the Zuma camp".

"You are a wolf in a sheepskin. Satan must bless you. Azapo is bigger than you, piece of sh...t."

Monama said: "Should any harm be visited upon me or my family I will hold Azapo, Mangena and their army fully responsible."