Where to for grandma?

A 43-year-old Soweto mother of nine is struggling to cope - torn between her own mother and her husband.

A 43-year-old Soweto mother of nine is struggling to cope - torn between her own mother and her husband.

If Vuyiswa Thusi, of Zola, stands by her man, her mother will be kicked out of her house, the home she has occupied for more than 40 years.

Sara Nkosi, 74, Thusi's mother, took a home loan to build two rooms and a garage in 1989.

She could not maintain her account properly and landed in the red.

The bank threatened to repossess her house. But seven days before the house was to have been auctioned her son-in-law, Thulani Thusi, volunteered to help her out of her misery.

Nkosi said she thought her son-in-law was a godsend when he offered to take a loan from his employer to stop the auction - but he had ulterior motives.

Nkosi said she owed R3000 on the house when her son-in-law intervened.

"We later agreed that he should collect rent from the two tenants until I could raise the money to pay him," Nkosi said.

But a year later her son-in-law wanted her out of the house, claiming it was his since he had bought it at auction.

The bank's attorney issued Thusi with a title deed for the two rooms and garage, while Nkosi kept the title deed for the main four-roomed house.

He also continued to collect rent from tenants, which has now escalated from R300 to R500, Nkosi said.

"In total he has collected R36000 over the past eight years," Nkosi said.

She said she had raised the money to pay Thusi's but he refuses to accept it.

In an affidavit Thusi signed under oath in January this year, he wrote in isiZulu that he would not accept the money because he had endured harassment over the years on his property, referring to the disputed house.

"Vuyiswa stands by her man, who wants to evict me and the three kids she had out of wedlock," Nkosi said.

The Thusis and their six children share a garage at Nkosi's house.

"Where would my mother go?" Vuyiswa said. "This is her house.

"But if the court evicts her so be it.

"N eighbours think I am a Judas who betrayed my mother to win the love of a man - and my in-laws think I'm a crook who fleeced their son to pay my mother's debts," Vuyiswa said.

A neighbour said: "What kind of a son-in-law kicks his mother-in-law out of her own house?

"If Vuyiswa allows this she, too, will soon be out of that house."

"This man does not love Vuyiswa," another neighbour said. "He only wants the house."