Your child can be a lot wiser

There are a number of ways parents can help children improve their ability to consciously make wise decisions.

l Help the child clarify the problem that is creating the need for a decision.

l Brainstorm the possible solutions.

l Allow the child to choose one of the solutions only after fully considering the consequences.

l Later join the child in evaluating the results of that parti- cular solution.

l Develop a positive approach to providing structure for your child. All kids and teens need to accept responsibility for their behaviour.

l Teach children to change their demands to preferences, highlighting that there is no reason they must get everything they want and that they need not feel angry either.

l Encourage your children to ask for what they want assertively, pointing out that there is no guarantee that they will get it.

l Let children know they create and are responsible for any feeling they experience.

l Encourage your children to develop hobbies and interests which give them pleasure, fulfillment and a sense of independence.

l Let children settle their own disputes between siblings and friends alike.

l Help children learn to cope with teasing by ignoring it while using positive self-talk

l Help children learn to focus on their own strengths, talents and uniqueness.

l Help your children to consider alternative options and possibilities, rather than depending upon one.

l Laugh with your children and encourage them to laugh at themselves. - Child Development Info