Nzimande quits Bula Music stable

Patience Bambalele

Patience Bambalele

Bula Music's marketing director Tshepo Nzimande has resigned the position.

Though rumours have been making the rounds that he was fired, Nzimande told Sowetan that he had resigned.

He said he was serving notice until December 31.

Harvey Roberts, who co-owns Bula Music with Peter Tladi, confirmed Nzimande's resignation.

"He said he wanted to do his own thing and we wish him well.

"We know he has done a lot for us and brought talented artists to the stable but if he wants to go it is okay," Roberts said.

"Tshepo has resigned only as a marketing manager. He will still be part of Bula as a shareholder. Whatever he will be doing will be distributed by our company," Roberts added.

Nzimande has worked for the company for 10 years and has discovered the talent of artists such as Lundi Tyamara, Zodwa Twecu, Kholeka and Sifiso Ncwane. Though Tyamara has become the bad boy of the industry, he has won many awards for Bula Music.

"I have resigned because I felt I was ready to explore and expand my label, Zuz'muzi. I always had a dream to see my company growing. I think it is time to make the dream a reality. I have done my part at Bula Music."

Asked why Bula had let him go without fighting to keep him, he said: "That shows that they did not appreciate the work that I have done for them."

Nzimande said he had already begun searching for fresh talent.

He said he was planning to release new artists in January next year. "I am currently looking for an office. I will be signing gospel and maskandi artists soon."

A source said Nzimande had resigned because everyone was complaining about his bad attitude.

"He had a bad attitude and he was very rude," said the source.