BEE verification agencies 'in the dark'

Tamlyn Stewart

Tamlyn Stewart

The Association of BEE Verification Agencies (ABVA) will meet with the Department of Trade and Industry today in a bid to restart the process of government accreditation of agencies.

BEE verification agencies were left in the dark last week after the South African National Accreditation System (Sanas) told agencies it had put the accreditation process on hold.

None of South Africa's BEE verification agencies are accredited. Agencies have applied to Sanas for accreditation but are still awaiting the outcome of their applications.

"We currently have no idea why the process has been suspended," said ABVA board member Ridwana Jooma-Cook.

She said Sanas had not explained its reasons for the delay and the association would today approach the department with proposals for re-starting the process.

This follows Sanas' postponement of the accreditation process on July 31.

ABVA met with the Department of Trade and Industry on August 7, and the two have held meetings since then, but the process is still stalled.

However, compliance certificates already issued to companies are still acceptable.

"In the absence of accredited verification agencies all certificates currently in the market will be accepted for preferential procurement purposes," said Jooma-Cook.

She said companies seeking verification should choose one of ABVA's 58 members to ensure the agency was credible.