Bath or bed, a keen eye guides you through the choices

What training goes into working with fabrics and homeware?

Having worked in homeware for the past 10 years, I have learnt a great deal. My mentor Elna du Plessis worked very closely with me at the beginning of my career. I also attended the Cape Technikon for a course in fabrics.

What aspect of your job do you most enjoy?

Building the new ranges for the upcoming season.

The bedding section of Loads of Living is matched with great precision, are you so coordinated in your personal taste?

Absolutely. My home is my sanctuary, you should always take great pride decorating and accessorising your home.

What holds precedent in linen selection: pattern, fashionable trends or quality of material?

We only offer the finest quality linen available, from our 200 thread count Cotton Percale to our 500 thread count Egyptian cotton linen. We offer a sophisticated contemporary range to our customers.

Compared to your major competitors, what makes Loads of Living items stand out?

The biggest factor is that at Loads of Living we set the trend.

How long have you had your job, and where did you work before?

I have recently joined Loads of Living, before this I worked at Ackermans and started my buying career at @home.

What's your jurisdiction as a buyer? Do you stick with bedding, kitchenware or bathroomware or do you choose items across all categories?

I have been lucky in my career to have bought for all the above-mentioned categories.

How do you know what kids will like as well as what the sophisticated single female would choose? Are you usually right about your predictions?

You need to stay in touch with local and international trends. We can never be 100percent right, but 99percent is close enough for me.

What's the one thing you think people don't take seriously enough about your job?

The work load.

Do you find that customers usually follow trends?

I have learnt that taste is quite diverse across different demographics. That is what makes retail in South Africa so exciting.

There is a growing international awareness to look at Africa for design and trend inspiration.

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