Chisales want Mathebula freed as well

Anna Majavu

Anna Majavu

A member of Nelson Chisale's family has called for the release of Simon Mathebula, who is currently serving 12 years for 'feeding her relative to lions'.

Yesterday Chesale's niece and family spokesman Fetsang Matlala said Mathebula must be freed immediately.

The emotional Matlala said Mathebula had only beaten and tied her uncle up because he had been instructed to do so.

Four years ago Chisale was tied to a tree, beaten and chopped with pangas by farmer Mark Scott-Crossley and farmworkers Simon Mathebula and Richard Mathebula (not related).

Richard Mathebula died in prison and Simon Mathebula was sentenced to 15 years. Scott-Crossley was sentenced to life but in 2007 the supreme court of appeal set aside his conviction.

The court substituted the murder charge with the lesser offence of being an accessory after the fact and gave Scott-Crossley a five-year sentence.

"If parole was applied fairly Mathebula would have been released too," she said. " Scott-Crossley was released because he is rich and white. If this is not the case, why is Mathebula still in jail?"

Matlala also had harsh words for Correctional Services Minister Ngconde Balfour: "Scott-Crossley is given parole while others sit in jail for longer for the same crime."