Adopt driving patterns to ease global warming

Mabuyane Kekana

Mabuyane Kekana

The terms global warming, emissions and environmentally friendly have become popular and no longer sound too scientific, thanks to the efforts of organisations that made these words easier to remember.

Automobile Association of South Africa (AA) and Bridgestone SA have launched a joint campaign by Federation Internationale de I'Automobile to advise motorists to be conscious of the environment when purchasing a vehicle or driving.

The organisations invited the media to the launch of "Make Cars Green" in Gauteng to show how we can all contribute to making the environment greener.

"Make Cars Green" is a worldwide campaign to raise awareness on how to curb global warming.

According to AA's Rob Handfield-Jones the campaign was aimed at making a contribution to changing the attitudes of motorists.

"If we all could save one litre of fuel a month, imagine what we could save in a year," he said. He said motorists should be aware of their driving patterns and try to improve.

"We can reduce emissions by accelerating gently," Handfield-Jones said.

The first step to greener motoring would be to buy a smaller car that uses less fuel.

Motorists should plan their journeys to reduce unnecessary trips.