afro-pop muso SpEEDY GOES IT ALONE

Cecil Motsepe

Cecil Motsepe

Speedy has stirred up a hornet's nest with his recent comments about 999 boss Arthur Mafokate.

Now the Afro-pop singer has been exposed as a loudmouth whose last album failed to sell more than 400 copies.

Sunday World reported at the weekend that Speedy, real name Herold Matlhaku, had accused Mafokate of refusing to fund the video of his coming album. He said that he had to dig deep into his own pocket to fund the video shoot.

He said the 999 owner was only interested in bankrolling female stablemates Kanyisile Mbau and Chomee.

But a friend of Speedy sensationally revealed yesterday that Mafokate snubbed the loudmouthed muso because his last album sold a mere 400 copies.

The friend, who is also close to Mafokate, said: "Speedy thinks the world revolves around him yet he is not bringing in any money."

Speedy was in the past booted out of 999 "for leaking information to the media".

"Now that he is back, 999 is getting bad publicity again," Mafokate said.

He reluctantly confirmed that despite spending more than R100000 on Speedy's last album, only 400 copies were sold.

This after money was channelled into his video shoot, expensive clothes and a vigorous marketing campaign in an effort to resuscitate his troubled career.

Called for comment, Speedy said: "I just shot my video. I am not interested in politics. I am looking forward to appearing in Generations and seeing my video being played. I am not aware that my album did not sell."

But he failed to produce evidence showing that his album had done well.

Mafokate said Speedy must be wary of destroying his already dying career.