ANC out to ruin ulundi

Mhlaba Memela

Mhlaba Memela

IFP president Mangosuthu Buthelezi says the ANC leadership in KwaZulu-Natal is planning to destroy Ulundi because "it hates him".

Speaking at the IFP's 33rd yearly general conference held at eMandleni Camp in Ulundi at the weekend, Buthelezi described the decision by the ANC to move government departments from Ulundi to Pietermaritzburg as the "worst wastage".

The modern infrastructure cost multi-millions of rands to build, but it has become a "white elephant" while the parties battle on how this infrastructure can be utilised.

Ulundi's abandoned public facilities, including luxury ministerial houses, made headlines last week when it was reported that one of the king's queens allegedly owedR150000 in rent for a house she occupied.

Buthelezi read a letter he had written to ANC president Jacob Zuma, asking him to intervene to mend the relationship between the two parties.

Buthelezi said after an agreement had been reached between the ANC and IFP to use both Ulundi and Pietermaritzburg as capitals, the ANC colluded with the DA and voted for Pietermaritzburg as the sole capital.

"What I find hurtful and difficult to accept is the rationale of the leader of the ANC in the province, S'bu Ndebele, that Ulundi had to be discarded as a capital because it was the capital of a bantustan."

He said this was a deliberate distortion of history because they held out against making the territory of KwaZulu a bantustan.

He said: "Areas that became bantustans are known.

"In any case, that argument is not valid because areas that accepted independence, a la Pretoria style, their capitals, such as Bisho and Mmabatho, were adopted by the democratic government as capitals without any stigma."