Making the switch to Neotel means a number change

Zweli Mokgata

Zweli Mokgata

While customers can now change their landline service for the first time in South Africa, they will have to wait before they can move their numbers.

Telkom and Neotel (the second network operator) are expected to finalise their efforts to bring South Africans the ability to change between the two operators without changing phone numbers by next month.

After launching consumer services in March, Neotel was only able to sign up a reported 200 home subscribers.

Wandile Zote, head of corporate communication at Neotel, said: "The process of installation is fairly simple as long as the network coverage is available in the applicant's area of residence."

Rajay Ambekar IT analyst at Cadiz Asset Management said customers were likely to wait for Geographic Number Portability to become available before they signed up for Neotel's services, and the delays were hurting the company's ability to advance with its offering.

According to a mandate set by the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa, Telkom and Neotel are required to work together to ensure that the process of porting numbers between the two networks is seamless.