DNA tooth gives away FNB accused

Mfundekelwa Mkhulisi

Mfundekelwa Mkhulisi

A tooth found at the crime scene of the FNB megabucks robbery in central Joburg two years ago was at the centre of argument in the Johannesburg high court yesterday.

Captain Shamil Govan, a DNA forensic expert in Pretoria, told court that the DNA analysis conducted on the tooth matched the blood samples drawn from one of the accused, Daniel Mathaba.

He ruled out any possibility that the tooth could have been contaminated before the tests were performed.

"Contamination on the tooth is impossible," Govan said.

"A tooth has a tough enamel protecting it and the DNA is deep inside."

Govan was testifying in the trial of Elias Thutse, 34, Fabian Damons, 32, Mathaba, 42, Dick Ngobeni, 26, Jimmy Bilankulu, 37, Muntu Mahlangu, 42, Vincent Xaba, 29, Themba Mahlangu, 32, and Simon Mncwango, 40.

They are on trial for robbing the bank of R46million, attempted murder and illegal possession of firearms and ammunition.