Editor 'could not face suspect daughter-in-law'

Dudu Busani

Dudu Busani

City Press editor Mathatha Tsedu did not attend the funeral of his murdered son because he could not bear to look at the daughter-in-law who allegedly had a hand in his death.

Dzudzanani Netshisaulu, 53, the mother of Tsedu's murdered son, Avhatakali Netshisaulu, 31, told the Johannesburg high court yesterday that Tsedu had tears in his eyes when he told her that their son's wife, Mulalo Sivhidzo, 30, could have killed their son.

Dzudzanani Netshisaulu told the court that Tsedu asked the police not to arrest their daughter-in-law until after the funeral.

Avhatakali was buried on December 23 in Venda. Sivhidzo was arrested on December 29.