Bargain bins for the taking if you have cash in hand

Using your savvy to shop means getting the most for your money.

Using your savvy to shop means getting the most for your money.

Sometimes that means paying full price for something that is just right. At times it means searching for sales or bargains.

And at other times it means getting creative by shopping in non-traditional places such as used secondhand stores and flea markets.

Though buying during sale season can lead to great finds, buying at alternative places can also lead to bargains.

But shopping at these places, unlike at shopping malls, requires some planning and bargaining.

When you get to a flea market see how items are displayed to get creative ideas that might be adapted to your own home. Think smart and try and see if items meant for one thing can be adapted for use in another way.

You must also try and see possibilities.

If something does not look perfect, try and look beyond the exterior and see possibilities. If a vase has chipped paint you can repaint it and make it look perfect.

Always make sure that you have cash to bargain with. Vendors are not like conventional stores so they do not usually take credit cards. Before buying, it's always a great idea to bargain with the vendor and if you're lucky they might reduce the price.

The most important thing is to have fun on your shopping spree. Try and get there early before all the best buys are taken.

You must also wear comfortable shoes, take plenty of cash, do not forget to take carry bags, remember to negotiate with the vendors and have loads of fun.