Stop all this whingeing

The defining difference between a great achiever and a pathetic loser is the taste of sour grapes.

The defining difference between a great achiever and a pathetic loser is the taste of sour grapes.

There is absolutely no worst example of such pathetic underachievers than our current so-called Olympians in Beijing.

The feeble excuses they express to cover up their inability to compete successfully are not only predictable but monotonously sound like a scratched record.

If there was a whingeing contest at the Olympics I am certain South Africa would make a clean sweep every time they take part at this prestigious global event.

After all, there are many African countries who are less privileged than us on the southern tip of the continent but their athletes are accomplishing great feats - without hanging out any dirty linen in public unnecessarily.

Passing the buck in this country has become a nauseating pastime. Some irresponsible people living with HIV will stand up proudly and claim that not enough is done to ensure that HIV does not spread any further.

These are the types of reckless individuals who put a condom on the side of the bed and depend on a prayer to protect themselves from contracting this mainly sexually transmitted disease.

Then they have the audacity to blame everyone and everything and anything but themselves.

The same applies to our national football team, Bafana Bafana.

Some people even blame the nickname of the team for the disastrous results it consistently registers.

Even our outgoing President Thabo Mbeki fell for the trick and publicly raised the non-issue of whether the nickname was appropriate or not.

What utter nonsense.

How desperate can we, as a nation, really be to stoop so low and become so petty.

At the end of the day our athletes must conquer the world and if they fail, they must do so gracefully - and stop coming up with all kinds of stories.

This reminds me of Mushin Ertugral, the enigmatic Kaizer Chiefs coach, who always has a wellrehearsed excuse every time his team fails to win - but when they do well all those impediments are immediately forgotten and everything boils down to his proper planning and sound tactics.

Actually, football coaches are the worst culprits. Some even go to the extent of blaming the condition of the pitch when both teams are using the same grass.

As South Africans, generally, we must stop this blame game every time we fail to perform to international standards.

We must learn to take full responsibility for our dismal failures.

This is the only way we will be able to ensure that we appreciate the bitterness in the taste of these damned grapes.

They must be reminded that a person who tries and fails is a thousand times better than one who fails to try at all.

I rest my case.