Heavy metal band Slipknot a somewhat eerie lot

WEIRD PIONEERS: The band Slipknot in their masked gear. © Unknown
WEIRD PIONEERS: The band Slipknot in their masked gear. © Unknown

Slipknot is an American heavy metal band from Des Moines, Iowa.

They are recognised as one of the pioneering bands in the New Wave of American Heavy Metal, developing a lean and aggressive brand of metal formed from thrash, hardcore and death metal. They are known for often chaotic and energetic live shows.

Soon after band member Joey Jordison suggested renaming the band "Slipknot", they began experimenting with their image, wearing grotesque make-up until the anti-image concept developed into the members wearing masks.

Their debut album, released independently in 1996, was called Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat. The band's fourth studio album, All Hope Is Gone, will be released this month.

The lyrics generally follow an aggressive tone and feature themes such as darkness, nihilism, anger, disaffection, love, misanthropy and psychosis.

There has been controversy surrounding Slipknot's lyrics, including a case in which a pair of young killers blamed the song Disasterpiece for their vicious crime, and a case in 2006 in which lyrics from the song Surfacing were found at the site of a grave robbing. But, the band has never faced official allegations their lyrics incite violent or criminal behaviour. - Sowetan Reporter