escaped killer hid in unused fridge

'NO MERCY': Mukosi Freddy Mulaudzi at the Thohoyandou high court. Pic. Chester Makana. © Sowetan.
'NO MERCY': Mukosi Freddy Mulaudzi at the Thohoyandou high court. Pic. Chester Makana. © Sowetan.

Chester Makana

The Thohoyandou high court yesterday heard that convicted serial killer Mukosi Mulaudzi had hidden in a defunct refrigerator when police nailed him at Mulodi.

This emerged when Judge Godfrey Hetisani yesterday began delivering judgment on the 26 counts, ranging from murder, attempted murder, rape and robbery.

Mulaudzi was arrested in 2006 after he went on a killing spree, raping and robbing his victims of their belongings.

Police said Mulaudzi had been on the run since 1999 after he escaped from Baviaansport prison in Gauteng where he was serving two life sentences for murder.

The state wants Mulaudzi to be found guilty as charged on the 26 counts, saying his right to remain silent did not prove his innocence because he did not want to take the witness stand.

State advocate Bathuel Manyuha told the court that it was not proven that the accused did not commit the crimes he has denied committing.

"The accused dealt with his victims in a brutal manner and had no mercy and some of the victims were lucky to survive" said Manyuha

The evidence led by witnesses was never contested because Mulaudzi opted to remain silent until the state closed its case.

"Though he pleaded guilty and not guilty to some of the charges, the court had to find him guilty," Manyuha appealed to Judge Hetisani.

But defence advocate James Manwadu said Mulaudzi's silence should not make him liable for all the charges as indicted and urged the court to take a decision as per witnesses' evidence.

Hetisani was worried that some of the items stolen from Mulaudzi's victims had not been recovered up to the time the trial started.

Among items not recovered were a gun belonging to the police officer attacked and robbed in 2006 by Mulaudzi and body parts that were removed from Shonisani Thinandavha.

Thinandavha was found dead at Mulodi in July 2006 with her breast, right hand, left ear and upper lip sliced off.