Dark forces are trying to divide the ANC

Allow me to caution ANC members that our movement is under siege.

Allow me to caution ANC members that our movement is under siege.

We are experiencing horrible instances of dangerous, divisive and factional characteristics from elements of darkness, including the media.

Since the 52nd national conference sensationalism and strange perceptions have been brilliantly constructed by the media around the two factions.

Anyone within or outside of the ANC who feels he or she is not accommodated has also gone this route.

I cannot rule out or confirm the existence of counter-revolutionaries who have infiltrated the ANC to confuse the movement and its allies.

Members who joined the ANC from late 1995 until now must ensure that its traditions and culture are preserved and protected.

Disciplined members and cadres must work to achieve a strong and united ANC.

Identify disgruntled members and persuade them to return to the movement rather than threat them.

Let's disassociate ourselves from perceptions of internal fighting. Ours is a revolutionary movement, the character of which remains one of robust debate and engagement.

Members will strengthen it by continually reviewing and debating policies and different views will shape its policy.

Political criminals and opportunists have no place in the ANC. They come and go and some join new parties that sudden sprout around elections.

Refentse Mangope, Mohlakeng