mom-in law offered new car

IN THE DOCK: Mulalo Shivhidzo at the Johannesburg high court. Pic. Mohau Mofokeng. 14/08/2008. © Sowetan.
IN THE DOCK: Mulalo Shivhidzo at the Johannesburg high court. Pic. Mohau Mofokeng. 14/08/2008. © Sowetan.

Dudu Busani

Dudu Busani

Mulalo Sivhidzho was already making plans to sell the house and offered her mother-in-law a new car the morning after her husband was killed.

Dzudzanani Netshisaulu, mother of Sivhidzho's late husband Avhatakali Netshisaulu, 31, was testifying in the Johannesburg high court yesterday.

Netshisaulu, 53, said her daughter-in-law told her she was thinking of selling the couple's new house and moving back to the flat she had been living in before they got married.

"On the same day there was an instant when she looked at me, smiled, and asked if I would like to have a new car," Netshisaulu said.

"I said no, I had already discussed that with my son before he died."

Netshisaulu also told the court that Sivhidzho was upset to find her husband had only one insurance policy.

"I remember her saying: 'Avhatakali does not listen, I advised him to take as many insurance policies as possible'."

The distraught mother said Sivhidzho insisted that Avhatakali be buried as soon as possible, even after the police had informed them that it would take a while before they released the body.

"The police said they had to do DNA tests on me and the father of my son to ensure that it was really his body that was found in the car boot," Netshisaulu said.

"Mulalo did not want that. She asked me to persuade the police to release the body. I refused, telling her I did not want to bury the wrong body and have someone claim it afterwards.

"But she persuaded me to go ahead, saying if it happened to be the wrong body we would dig it up."

In December 2006 Sivhidzho and co-accused Ntambudzeni Matsenene, her husband's business partner and childhood friend, allegedly hired Arnold Sello and about six other men to kill her husband.

He was allegedly beaten, robbed, tied up and forced into the boot of his car before it was set on fire.

He burnt to death inside the boot.

Netshisaulu said about 10 hours after Avhatakali died one of their relatives, David Sivhidzho, received a phone call from a certain man who said he had Avhatakali's wallet and cellphone.

"The man asked us to meet him at a filling station in Honeydew," Netshisaulu said. "He really had the cellphone and wallet but we left him at the police station when we went back to the house."

The trial continues.