Too beautiful for fashion ramps

Zenoyise Madikwa

Zenoyise Madikwa

South African female models are too beautiful to make it to the fashion ramps.

This is the view of Kgomotso Seboko, boss of the KS Model Agency, one of South Africa's top black-owned modelling agencies.

This after a group of disgruntled South African models complained to Sowetan that modelling jobs were given to their sisters from up north.

"During big fashion shows such as the Joburg and Sanlam Fashion Week, we are given nonpaying jobs such as ushering and hosting, while non-South Africans are getting the good jobs," said Dipuo Masondo, a budding South African model.

Seboko, whose modelling agency is on Gandhi Square, says it is hard to get good South African models that appeal to the industry.

"He says hiring South African models does not make business sense.

"South Africans are not cracking it in the modelling industry," Seboko says. "The girls are too pretty and too short to be models. They don't have the package that the industry is looking for."

He says that unlike Nigerian, DRC and Namibian girls, who have unusual facial features, they do not have "that Y-factor" and their faces are too ordinary.

"The industry is interested in the Alek Weks of this world. The clients want a face that can easily be associated with a product. They want striking models who will make garments visible."

Seboko says their bodies don't make things any easier for them either.

"They have big hips and bums and the clients want the package. Look at Lerato Moloi, she's slowly retiring because she's battling with weight."

Seboko says he will soon be heading for north Africa to scout for models.

"I sit on Gandhi Square scouting for South African girls who can model - with no luck. Soon I will go to Ethiopia, the Congo and Nigeria to scout.

"With guys things are different. We do have tall guys who are model material."