'SA needs more black accountants'

Canaan Mdletshe

South Africa is in need of black chartered accountants (CAs), which was among the critical skills that drive the country's economy.

"Not only is this the challenge on numbers, but also on the transformation in the accounting profession while generating the necessary numbers," said Victor Sekese, president of the Advancement of Black Accountants in Southern Africa (Abasa) in Durban on Tuesday.

Sekese was speaking at a press conference held at Durban Westville University.

Abasa is to hold its 23rd annual conference from October 23 to October 24 in Durban.

"South African businesses should focus on raising the quality of leadership and education to capitalise fully on opportunities.

"Leadership is all about influence while education is about understanding the impact of your influential position," Sekese said.

He said Abasa's pursuit of the advancement of blacks in the accounting profession goes further than CAs, and incorporates other qualifications such as the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (Cima), Certified Financial Accountants (CFA), and Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (Acca).

"However, the demand and the significant constraints felt by the accounting profession have called for Abasa to prioritise the acceleration of black CA numbers.

"The association is driven by the need to ensure that every black accountant realises their full potential," he said.