If you shop smart you will save a big fortune

I went into a pharmacy and came out educated.

I went into a pharmacy and came out educated.

Last week, I spent 20 minutes waiting for medicine that I eventually did not get.

While waiting, a woman came in and sat next to me.

"You have such a beautiful bag. Where did you buy it from?" she asked.

"Thanks, I got it from Mr Price," I smiled.

"How much did it cost you?"


She was very friendly to everyone else.

She asked the people who did their hair, whether it was their natural colour and how much it cost them?

The problem was that everyone who came into the pharmacy found out how much my funky bag cost me and where I bought it from.

When people entered the shop, she screamed: "Look how great her bag is. And it's only R79,99 and she bought it from Mr Price."

I did not understand her behaviour until she told me that she had to take 10 pills in the morning and six pills at night because she was very sick. I felt sorry for her.

But what I learnt from her was that you do not have to buy expensive stuff to look good - especially now that inflation is so high.

If you are a savvy shopper you will get value for your money and still look great. The secret is to compare prices and to choose the shop that gives you the best value for your money.