Municipality embarks on name changes

Chester Makana

The process of renaming major structures in the Makhado municipality in Limpopo is under way, the municipality has said.

This despite submissions made to change Louis Trichardt to Makhado still being undecided by the Department of Arts and Culture.

The municipality said it would start the process with government structures, with the Hendrik Verwoerd Tunnel and Albasini Dam in Levubu up for consideration.

The tunnel, situated on the N1 road between Louis Trichardt and Musina, was built as a national route during the apartheid era and named after the architect of apartheid.

The name of Verwoerd, the former apartheid prime minister, was among those to be replaced at government institutions in the country because of his belief in apartheid.

Names proposed to replace Hendrik Verwoerd Tunnel will be submitted to the name change committee during consultation, according to the authorities

Some of the names that have been proposed are Manaledzi, Tshilwavhusiku and Ramabulana.

"The council has taken a resolution that the task committee begins with the renaming of the streets of towns and government structures that fall under Makhado municipality's jurisdiction," said the authorities.

Municipal spokesman Louis Bobodi said there were many structures that would be renamed once the council approved.

The committee will conduct public hearings to consult members of the public and afford them an opportunity to submit their proposed names.

Asked about the progress on the renaming of Louis Trichardt to Makhado, Bobodi said the council was adamant that Louis Trichardt would be renamed Makhado because that's what the majority of the submissions were in favour of.

But the municipality is still waiting for the Geographic Name Council's ruling on the submission that Louis Trichardt be changed to Makhado.

"We did everything as per court ruling and we have consulted all concerned parties," Bobodi said.