Municipalities in Mpumalanga improve

Alfred Moselakgomo

Alfred Moselakgomo

Mpumalanga has emerged as the province with the highest number of unqualified audit statements for the financial year 2007-08.

A performance evaluation report prepared by the Mpumalanga department of local government has revealed that the general performance of municipalities in the province has steadily improved.

The report evaluated, among other things, performance management systems, municipal infrastructure grants expenditure, submission of financial statements, billing systems, disaster management and free basic services.

The report was presented to the provincial cabinet on Friday.

According to the report 20 out of 21 municipalities had their budgets approved before the beginning of the financial year.

Nkangala district municipality received unqualified audit outcomes in all its municipalities.

The district is the only one in the country that has been rated with these consistent levels of performance.

Good progress was also made with regards to the submission of financial statements by municipalities to the auditor-general.

Mpumalanga was rated the best province in the country with regards to the timeous submission of financial statements as well as municipalities with the lowest number of unqualified audits.

On average the municipalities have spent 90 percent of the municipal infrastructure grants (MIG).

Only seven municipalities did not spend 100 percent of their MIG allocation.

Municipalities have also provided more than 300 000 indigent households with free basic water.

In total 74 percent of section 57 managers' posts were filled and 91 percent of them have signed their performance contracts.