Deadline for writing awards

Victor Mecoamere

Victor Mecoamere

Band of Troubadours is a collection of writing by 43 winners of the yearly South African Literary Award of the past three years.

The award (Sala) is organised by wRite Associates, the Arts and Culture Department, SABC, Sowetan and Nutrend Publishing. Winners are awarded the:

l K Sello Duiker Memorial Award;

l Nadine Gordimer Short Story Award;

l Posthumous Literary Award;

l Lifetime Achievement Literary Award; and

l Literary Journalism Award.

The main aim of Sala is to pay tribute to South African writers who have distinguished themselves as ground-breaking creators of literature.

The awards are aimed at becoming the most prestigious literary accolades in South African literature.

Selections are made from published authors whose primary input is in imaginative writing. The work must demonstrate good linguistic presentation, the nation's identity, societal values, universal truths and cultural aesthetics, contribution to social cohesion and nation-building and transcendence of time.

The closing date for submissions for the 2008 South African Literary Award is September 15.

For more information:

Phone 011-791-3585, or 011-791-4102;



Write to: SA Literary Award, PO Box 4488, Randburg, 2125;

Fax 011-791-4125.

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