more teachers in sex shame

Sne Masuku

Sne Masuku

Two more teachers have been linked to a sex incident at the Limehill creche in Dundee.

Last week Sowetan reported that the principal had allegedly forced mentally disabled people, one of them a gardener at the creche, to have sex in full view of the children.

A social welfare officer has called for the three teachers, who allegedly orchestrated the act, to be fired.

According to angry community members the creche has been linked to a sex scandal before.

One local said a few years ago a general worker at the creche was fired after allegations that he had raped a child.

Last week the local chief told social workers that the principal of the creche had allegedly forced a gardener to have sex with a mentally disabled woman while children watched.

The victims allegedly related their experiences to anyone and everyone in the community.

The provincial department of social welfare is investigating the matter.