Global firm offers women a virtual helping hand

Tamlyn Stewart

Tamlyn Stewart

Local businesswomen can look forward to a virtual helping hand as the International Association of Female Executives launches in Johannesburg today.

The international network has grown out of the National Association of Female Executives, a US-based organisation with more than 25000 members.

Now the association aims to create a global community of women to help them improve their businesses and networking strategies.

"What holds women back is a lack of equal belief in them on the part of many people including themselves and their female and male bosses. Many times women need to be told they can succeed," said Carol Evans, chief executive of the association's parent company, Working Mother Media.

The other thing women need to succeed is a mentor.

"When you ask women what is holding them back they say it is a lack of mentors," said Evans.

The lack of mentors is a gap the association aims to fill. Members can log on to a website where they can post their profiles, network, download helpful information and small business tool kits and find advice on how to improve their businesses or careers.