Focus on SA at book fair

Edward Tsumele

Edward Tsumele

South Africa and India have been chosen for the London Book Fair's Market Focus.

India will be the Market Focus country in 2009 and South Africa in 2010.

The London fair is a great opportunity for international publishers to liaise with foreign counterparts and also to find new business partnerships.

It helps local publishers to promote themselves internationally.

The Market Focus also helps global publishers to better understand how various markets operate and offers an opportunity to identify fresh and exciting new authors not yet published in English or other languages.

Though South Africa and India are big markets for English-language books, they function quite differently and each presents its own challenges.

Both countries use many languages in commerce and literature, so understanding linguistic and cultural diversity is essential to understand these markets.

After the success of the Arab World Market Focus 2008, the UK's international cultural relations body, the British Council, will again partner with the London Book Fair on the cultural programme.

This year South Africa was represented by Chart Studio Publishing, HRSC Press, Laura Boon Literary Agency and Educat Publishers.

In 2010 the book fair will host many more South African publishers and showcase the work of South African authors as well as the South African exports.