JZ takes a swipe at media

Mary Papayya and Mhlaba Memela

Mary Papayya and Mhlaba Memela

ANC president Jacob Zuma took a dig at the media, saying they wrote stories about him without asking him for his opinion.

He was addressing his supporters outside the Pietermaritzburg high court.

Zuma was in court to apply for an order making the state's graft charges against unconstitutional.

Zuma told his supporters that he has been in court for so long that he could well be considered "half a lawyer".

He told thousands of supporters that he would address them today since the matter was still sub judice.

He said he would also tell them why the application was made and what their support and his court battle means to South Africa.

"I will have an opportunity to say a few words on why we made the application and what it means to South Africa ... so that you get it from me instead of those who love telling stories they do not know about..."