Special gig for women

Gugu Sibiya

Gugu Sibiya

August is one of the greatest months in the music and entertainment calendar. Not only are we spoilt for choice but it's also the only one month where women's achievements are showcased and celebrated.

This year will be no exception, when the entourage of the explosive Angie Stone, Donell Jones and Carl Thomas come to town. The three international stars will weave their magic on music lovers at the Coca-Cola Dome in Johannesburg on Friday, August 8, through The Virtual Xchange Experience concert.

Women's virtues will be thoroughly recognised and revisi- ted through The Virtual Experience concert when the American stars add their voices to those paying homage to women.

Stone, who has been here before to receive a Kora Award for artists in the Diaspora, will take her fans through a spellbinding performance peppered by hits such as No More Rain,Return The Favour and Raining Man.

Jones and Thomas will elegantly croon to the ladies, taking them back moments in time. They will go through their elaborate repertoire of ballads that speak to the soul.

If the ladies do not feel special after that night, then nothing will add to the magic of that night.