Shop better and wisely with Sowetan for good value

The retail pages are a new addition to Sowetan aimed at helping readers to be smart shoppers.

The retail pages are a new addition to Sowetan aimed at helping readers to be smart shoppers.

Each week, we will be giving you tips on how to shop better, especially now that prices are shooting out of the roof.

We will have a celebrity who will test products and let us know which one is the best.

Whether you want to buy food, clothes and electrical appliances then these pages will give you all you need to know.

You will also stand a chance to win cash and a chance to be invited to The Times and Sowetan Retail Awards on October 30.

Reserve Bank governor Tito Mboweni and the rest of the experts are telling us to tighten our belts. Food, fuel and inflation costs are sky-high, but do not despair. We will give you tips on surviving the hard economic times.

The page will help you to spend wisely.

Planning before heading off to the malls will ensure that you shop more economically. Look around your house and ascertain what you really need and then prepare a shopping list. Take note of applicable coupons and vouchers that you may want to use.

Stores know the power of the sweet smell of freshly baked bread. Just one sniff will ignite the appetite and send even the most hardened shopper down the aisle grabbing for anything that looks good. So, always remember to eat before you go shopping.

Try and avoid unplanned trips to malls. Give yourself enough time to shop so a well-thought shopping trip will help prevent grabbing things you do not need.

These days, store brand products are as good as branded items. Stores are working hard to ensure that their products are not bland but are of the same value as branded companies.

To determine the true value of a product read the unit price, not just package price. The unit price information is usually on a sticker placed on the shelf that holds an item.

The package price tells you the cost of the entire item. The unit price shows the cost per kilogramme or litre. Comparing this information with that of similar products will help you get the best value for your money.