'Scorpions end inevitable'

Anna Majavu

Anna Majavu

ANC leaders of parliamentary portfolio committees are adamant that they will push through new laws disbanding the Scorpions though public participation in the process has not even started.

"We are going to dissolve the Scorpions" Makhotso Sotyu, chairman of parliament's safety and security committee, told a media briefing yesterday.

Sotyu said that parliament's job was "to implement the decisions of the ruling party".

On Monday the Democratic Alliance revealed that 100 000 members of the public had supported the campaign to stop the disbanding of the Scorpions.

Opposition parties such as the Democratic Alliance and United Democratic Movement have described the move to disband the scorpions as a political ploy to protect ANC members involved in criminal activities.

Sotyu said that Parliament this week received more than 55000 e-mail petitions, 24 000 handwritten signatures on another petition, more than 18 000 SMSes and 100 written submissions.

She could not say whether the submissions were for or against disbanding the Scorpions.

But the chairman of the justice portfolio committee, Yunus Carrim, said that the petitions "in and of themselves . are not very valuable because they are one submission."