Daycare victim is laid to rest

Residents came out in numbers to support the parents of nine-month-old Saiyona Moodley, who was laid to rest in Pietermaritzburg yesterday.

Moodley was buried a day after she was run over by a car at her daycare centre on Tuesday. The funeral was private.

It is alleged that the owner of the creche accidentally drove her car into 10 babies, killing Moodley and injuring nine others aged between three and four.

Police spokesman Henry Budhram said the daycare owner's husband arrived at home and parked the car in front of the garage.

"The garage doors were not closed and children were playing inside. The woman decided to move the car.

"But instead of reversing she accidentally drove forward into the garage, smashing into the kids who were playing in the garage." - Mhlaba Memela