Ashamed of Red Devils fans

I am writing this letter with much sadness after witnessing the racial divide still prevalent in this country while watching Saturday's Loftus soccer match between Kaizer Chiefs and Manchester United.

I saw this as a slap in the face of Nelson Mandela's ideals of racial integration and reconciliation.

How on earth do you come out in droves to support a foreign team at the expense of your own country's team?

I am not exaggerating. About 90 percent of the people in the stadium were Manchester United fans. Every time a goal was scored the sheer jubilation of these hypocrites was deafening.

Where is the patriotism? It really proved to me that some people in this country want to be African only when it suits them and are not patriotic at all.

I am a staunch Manchester United fan but there was no way that I was going to wear their kit at the expense of a South African team.

The number of young children sporting Manchester United jerseys and proudly waving that club's flag was even more shameful.

What do we teach our kids? That it is good to support a foreign team and that local soccer is not worthy of their support?

Parents do not realise that they are teaching their kids from an early age to be divided.

The support black people gave to the Springboks in 1995, and the cricket team after that, was encouraging and showed unity.

Had Mandela been at the stadium on Saturday he would have bowed his head in shame.

To the organisers of this tournament, shame on you!

By setting the ticket prices way out of reach of the poor and less fortunate soccer lovers in this country you denied local soccer supporters the opportunity to go to the stadium.

Divided we fall!

Maggie Haskins, Meredale