A Mpumalanga man has accused the Thandukukhanya counselor of corruption.

A Mpumalanga man has accused the Thandukukhanya counselor of corruption.

Thabo Mathebula, 29, says counselor Philile Malinga has sold him an RDP house he is legally entitled to.

Mathebula claims he was told he had to pay R5000 before the keys would be handed to him he said.

He says he applied for an RDP house early this year and Malinga helped him complete the required forms for a fee. Malinga asked R1000.

Mathebula claims he was under the impression tha RDP house were for free but he obliged and paid the demanded amount.

When the house was complete Malinga gave the house to someone else, he says, because he refused to pay a further R4000.

"I don't think I should pay R5000 for a subsidised house," Mathebula says.

A government print-out shows house number 7889 at Thandukukhanya in Piet Retief was allocated to Mathebula early in April.

Mathebula says he applied for an RDP house because he wanted his own home and he qualifies for one.

Counselor Philile Malinga denies having sold the RDP house to Mathebula and counter-accuses him of defrauding the housing department.

Mathebula has a piece of land registered in his girlfriend's name, Malinga says.

"Mathebula has built a house on this land and later turned it into a salon."

But she finally acknowledges that the land is not Mathebula's land and that he and his girlfriend might separate at any time.

"I told the housing department to issue the keys to destitute and crippled home seeker who is on the waiting list," Malinga says.

She says they pleaded with Mathebula to let the present tenant live in the house until the tenants' house has been built but he is impatient.

"We will give him his house but he has to wait," Malinga says. "He is not desperate.

Mathebula admits helping his girlfriend get land but "that does not make her house mine"

Malinga is adamant that he has to wait until the illegal occupants of his house get their own house.