New delay in high-profile case

Alfred Moselakgomo

Alfred Moselakgomo

The absence of a lawyer led to the postponement of a high-profile case in which a prominent businessman is accused of shooting his wife seven times.

The case against Solly Madileng, 48, of Marapyane village in the KwaMhlanga area of Mpumalanga, was again delayed after his lawyer failed to arrive at the Hammanskraal regional court.

Madileng faces charges of attempted murder, kidnapping and assault.

The case was postponed to next month.

This is the seventh time that the Themba magistrate's court in Hammanskraal has postponed the case in which Madileng is charged with the attempted murder of his wife Maki on October 4 last year.

On May 19 the case was put on hold after the magistrate who had been handling it went on study leave for a year.

The case was postponed to June 5 but was again postponed when Madileng's legal representative failed to pitch up.

Madileng's wife Maki and a former employee, Ephraim Makitla, were yesterday informed that the case would be postponed since Madileng's lawyer was absent.

Madileng allegedly sprayed Maki, 40, with a hail of bullets before throwing her out of a moving vehicle in Marapyane.

This was when he allegedly visited her while she was staying at her parents' house after she had moved out of the matrimonial home.

The police said Madileng was angered by his wife's decision to end the marriage.

The couple had apparently been experiencing problems for some time. At the time Madileng was out on R5000 bail on a different case. He is now out on R4000 bail for the attempted murder of his wife.

Before his arrest for the attempted murder of his wife Madileng was out on bail for allegedly kidnapping and beating Makitla, whom he accused of stealing from his shop.