Song, dance celebrate young church

Dan Fuphe

Jubilant members of the Praise Him Bible Church in Daveyton, Ekurhuleni, celebrated the church's fourth anniversary with song and dance at the weekend.

At the same time they declared the church to be a sanctuary charged with the great responsibility of saving young souls and converting them to become good community leaders, missionaries and ambassadors of God.

Well-wishers bearing gifts came from far and wide to shower accolades and to pray with Pastor Thabang Emmanuel Fenyane and excited members of his young church.

The two-day event, held at the Mbikwa Cindi community hall in Sgodiphola from Friday to Saturday, attracted no fewer than 250 people each day.

Speakers described Fenyane as the true ambassador of Christ, who knew how important it was to strike the right balance with the young members of the church to establish a community led by people with a sound Christian upbringing.

Some added that Fenyane's rare personality better placed him to be always in the lead.

While others spoke volumes about him, Fenyane remained modest. He attributed his new-found relationship with God to his former spiritual leader and mentor, Pastor Jacob Mapaila of the Apostolic Gospel Church, also in Daveyton.

He told the audience: "It all started when Christ changed my life completely on September 28 1989 during the Apostolic Gospel Church international revival.

"Since that day, I knew that one day I would become a pastor for the flock of Christ.

"I was taken care of by Pastor Mapaila and his wife, who both nurtured and taught me the gospel of Jesus Christ."

Born-again Christian Clemintine Msimango, who features prominently in the TV soapie Muvhango, was the guest speaker at the event.

In her moving sermon based on Genesis Chapter 22, Msimango challenged the Christian community to become a living testimony of the living God.

"If Abraham had messed it up and not heeded God's call to take his son Isaac to a mountain to offer him as sacrifice to Him, we would not be his heirs today," she said.

Msimango lambasted Christians who did not have a sound relationship with God.

"Some Christians only choose to become born-agains at Easter or on Christmas Day and not in the 365 days of a year. Faith is what God gives in the absence of facts."

The event also served as a graduation day for about 14 Bible study students.