Heroes make a difference

Victor Mecoamere

Victor Mecoamere

The 2008 Nedbank client Local Hero campaign recently benefited several charities and nonprofit organisations around Pietermaritzburg in KwaZulu-Natal.

Beneficiaries received R10000 each.

The first beneficiary was the Bongekile Pre-school in Endaleni near Richmond, which looks after children whose parents are too poor to send them to a crèche or even provide them with proper meals.

Julia Mbeje, one of the community members who runs the school, says: "The children live in terrible conditions. Many were affected by the violence in the area a few years ago. They were left on their own and some were in danger of being raped and abused. Most come from granny-headed households or have single mothers."

The bank's campaign encourages clients who are involved in uplifting communities by awarding them local hero status and donating money to their causes.

The hero in this case is Darryl Kader, who is involved with the pre-school through his company, Training Leadership Consulting.

"I saw an article about the campaign," Kader says. "I have an account with Nedbank so I nominated the Bongekile Pre-school for financial assistance.

"First on the list is a water tank, so that they won't have to travel so far to get safe water, and a bucket toilet system.

The money might not be enough for all their needs but it is certainly a good start."

Sowetan, the SABC and Old Mutual, in conjunction with the national and provincial social services departments, sponsor and organise the yearly Community Builder of the Year Awards.

Old Mutual and Nedbank run the Staff Community Builder of the Year Awards.

To help Bongekile, call Kader on 033-342-2829 or e-mail darrylk@tlcglobal.co.za.