Ngundane was a keen golfer

Winkie Dibakwane

Winkie Dibakwane

The bullet that ripped through Harry "Gonna" Ngundane's spinal column in 1999 did not deter him from living a normal life.

Ngundane died last Thursday at Baragwanath Hospital after contracting malaria in Maputo, Mozambique.

He will be buried tomorrow at Avalon Cemetery. The service starts at his house No 2699 Tshiawelo at 9.30am.

His wife Elizabeth described him as "a husband, adviser, comforter and community leader in his own right".

"My husband was a fighter, a man with strong beliefs and lots of faith who trusted people and was a nation-builder," she said.

As a member of the Soweto branch of South African National Civics Organisation, Ngundane was always called by the community to solve disputes and problems.

His brother Ishmael said Harry became progressively worse after he was admitted to Baragwanath Hospital on July 13.

A keen golfer, Harry was a member of the Soweto Country Club. He attended Hitekani and Basani primary schools and matriculated at Sekano-Ntoane High School.

Harry worked as a clerk at the United Building Society in Hillbrow until he was forced into retirement after a hijacker shot him in the spine in 1999.

"Harry was then confined to a wheelchair but he continued to enjoy life to the fullest. He was so determined to lead a normal life that he discarded the wheelchair within three months," Ishmael said.

This he proved by playing golf in Soweto while on crutches. He became a member of the South African Disabled Golf Association. Harry would frequented the Pimville Golf Club where he gave golfers tips.

News of his death has shocked everyone at Sagda. Director, Eugene Vorster, said Ngundane's death was a great loss as he was a dedicated golfer and the association's shining star.

"Harry won several competitions, including the Johnny Walker competition last year in Cape Town.

"He also competed in India in an inter-continental competition in March. We were looking forward to him competing in the regional "Day of the Season" competition at Krugersdorp Golf Club on August 3," said Vorster.

Ngundane is survived by his wife, four sons, five brothers and four sisters.