Help Asiamah help others

Victor Mecoamere

Victor Mecoamere

Ghanaian mathematician Samuel Asiamah has started the University Preparatory Science High School, for which he is seeking financial support.

He is currently studying towards a post-graduate degree in heritage and tourism education at the University of the Witwaters-rand.

Asiamah wishes to simplify the learning and teaching of mathematics, physical science, communication and business - as well as tourism science - to youths who may have dropped out of high school, who show determination and the potential to make their mark in the tourism industry.

Ideally, Asiamah would like to start working with pupils in grades 8 to 12 from 2009. "The low percentages of certified school leavers who presently find employment is believed to be below 10 percent annually," Asiamah said.

"This suggests that completing school does not necessarily guarantee employment. It is appropriate to launch education and training programmes that offer innovative, work-oriented education, training and vocation programmes." To help Asiamah, telephone him at 083-586-9329, or e-mail:

lSowetan and Telkom Foundation are continuing to support creative, innovative, inventive and selfless teachers like Asiamah through the yearly Aggrey Klaaste Maths, Science and Technology Educator of the Year Awards.