Style that suits a man

Zenoyise Madikwa

Zenoyise Madikwa

A suit maketh a man. I don't know about you but there is something about a man dressed in a suit. He is dignified, composed and manly.

Fashion designer Bongiwe Walaza says no matter what a man does for a living he needs at least one elegant, high-quality suit.

"On the ladder of style, a good suit remains a man's only trump card. Even in this age of casual wear, the suit still carries an air of success, taste and sophistication," he says.

According to Sheldon Kopman of Naked Ape Fashions, suits are making a comeback.

"There are obvious reasons for their sudden popularity among designers, of course.

"With the economic recession and luxury brands not selling well, the suit is perceived as commercially safe for most designers.

"When things are bad, designers always go back to the classics," he says.

Kopman adds that it is important to choose a well-tailored suit with a mark of distinction and class.

Nicole van Doninck of John Craig says a good quality suit will make a statement in the fabric, cut and finish.

"The style of the suit must flatter and shape the body. The wearer can do this by considering the fabric, the colour, the lapel, cuffs, pockets and back vents."

She advises buyers to choose neutral colours such as navy blue or grey.

"Browns and olives can be tricky and black suits are great for evening or formal occasions.

"Always keep in mind that richness in fabrics and good tailoring never go out of style."

Trousers need to sit on the hips, wherever they are most comfortable for the wearer.

"This would be a little higher than where you wear jeans, on the natural waist, nearer the belly.

"The length is traditionally such that there is one break in the front of the trousers when wearing shoes, but none in the back. Or when you stand in them barefoot, the back just touches the floor."

"The traditional cut suit jacket with two buttons, which has been a mainstay for many years, is being replaced by ones that are more fitted and have three or four buttons.

"Always remember to round off with a great tie, hankie, cuff links and comfortable shoes."