rival camps bury hatchet

Alex Matlala

Alex Matlala

Division within the ANC in Limpopo is about to be a thing of the past after an agreement between two rival camps to work together.

This is after the newly elected executive committee of the ANC, led by new chairman Cassel Mathale, agreed to work with rivals to end division within the party.

Mathale said yesterday the leaders of the two groups agreed in principle to work together and give peace a chance to reign in the organisation.

He said the ANC's fight since 1912 for freedom was aimed at forging unity and establishing equality among Africans, including black and white.

"So it is very important that the new leaders of the ANC find a way of continuing to fight what the ANC fought for in 1912," Mathale said.

He said there had never been two ANCs in South Africa - only one with the obligation of ensuring that all Africans live in peace and have access to opportunities.

"We are going to make sure we work hand in glove with the outgoing committee so that newly elected members of the executive committee can learn from those who served the organisation for the past five years," Mathale said.

His utterances come after reports that Sello Moloto (former chairman and current premier) and his supporters in the cabinet would be ostracised from a government led by Mathale.

Mathale said he was deployed by the ANC to lead the organisation and that he would do whatever the organisation expected him to do.

The chairman of the ANC Youth League in Limpopo, Lehlo- gonolo Masoga, said they were prepared to smoke the peace pipe with Moloto if he was prepared to take instructions from the ANC.

Masoga, who was a key lobbyist for Mathale before the conference at the University of Venda last week, said the league had never had any problem with Moloto but felt it was appropriate that he should step down as a leader and give others a chance to lead the province.

Moloto could not be reached for comment yesterday .